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The fishing weather in Florida is always good for Florida Sportsman, Marine Wildlife Artist and Outdoor Illustrator Joe Suroviec. 

Joe's wildlife art, fishing t shirts and hunting t shirts are known throughout the United States as the standard for Authentic Original designs for fishing and hunting apparel, outdoor gear and outdoor sportswear. 

Joe's unique Marlin, Dolphin and Sailfish designs are highly sought after and priceless to business owners for branding and marketing. 

Joe extensive conservation, wildlife and outdoor experiences are also showcased in his hunting art and illustrations that are just as honored as his powerful game fish portfolio. 

Explore the possibilities of outdoor adventure and marvel at what nature has planned for you through the eyes and art of Joe Suroviec.

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NEW 2013 Mail Pouch Tobacco Barn Series.

White Tail Deer

Mail Pouch Barns are a part of American History that started when one Harley Warrick got out of the Army in 1946.Harley was responsible for nearly 12,000 barns getting painted with the words. MAIL POUCH TOBACCO; TREAT YOURSELF TO THE VERY BEST. Although several other painters were used in this pursuit , Harley was the undisputed KING of the BARN PAINTERS. Mail Pouch Barns dotted the rural landscape primarily in the eastern part of the United States during the 1950’s through the late 1960’s but many have been seen in other states in the mid west. The 1965 Highway Beautification Act limited the number of advertisements seen from our roads and with that act passed a section of American history. Nostalgic feelings of the time period that the barns were new, now drives people to collect barns, and parts of the barns , who had their sides painted during this time era.

Wildlife artist J. Suroviec incorporates this Mail Pouch Barn era into his own works and remembers as a child seeing the barns. His roots in Northwestern Pennsylvania came into play recently when he took some of the barns and incorporated his own brand of wildlife artwork into the old barns. Joe said,” I see the old ghosted out barns in the countryside and remember a time when they were freshly painted. “Now the barns are usually a remembrance of a time passed. Many have fallen into a state of severe disrepair” and some have even collapsed from age”. “I wanted to take my artwork and incorporate these old barns into it to remind people of that time gone by and to sort of  re connect with those who remember these barns and where they themselves were at in their own lives when they saw their first Mail Pouch Barn”.

“The old barns are now an important wildlife haven as wildlife has adapted more to living together with man these days out of sheer necessity”. “ From red-tailed hawks who nest behind old roadside billboards to barn owls, raccoons, possums, skunks, deer and a host of other birds and animals, these old barns are an important part of our own history and provide a much needed respite for our native wildlife who has to deal with their own shrinking natural areas in which they have to survive”.

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